How to create a blog template

When you write a blog every week, two weeks, or month it’s super helpful to use a template so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. In this blog I tell you how to create a blog template in Squarespace.

Create a blog template in Squarespace

Go to your blog page and click +. A new blogpost opens in draft. You don't fill out the blog title like you normaly would but you go straigt to the body of your blog post. A draft opens always with a text block. To add other blocks go to the top or the bottom of that block. Start with an image block by clicking on the + at the top of the text block. You don't have to add an image of course. But you can create beautiful images for your blog posts in Canva. I wrote a blog post about this free tool. 

After the image block you keep the text block the post opened with. Type something in it so you'll see that there is where your text is going. Side note: don't forget to work with H2 or H3 headers and divide your text into paragraphs.

You can add an image block or a call to action block in your text. I would add both in your template and when you're going to create the actual post you can grab one or both blocks and drop it in the text wherever you want. So you can just write or paste the whole text first and then add a call to action or an image block in the text.

A call to action can be to subscribe for your freebie. Or to leave a comment. I wouldn't have a call to action to a webinar or challenge you're having because people can read your post way past that date. Unless it's an evergreen webinar. Then it's fine to have that as a call to action. 

At the end of your blog you can add an email subscriber box. Make sure you have a welcome message when people subscribe. You can also use this as your call to action.

Squarespace has also a great summary block. You can add blog posts you’ve already written and showcase them. This can be the posts you published in chronological order or with the same category. You can specify this when you actually write your next post. End this all with a bio of yourself. People love to know who you are. You don't have to write a full bio. People don't have to know that you love wine or a great Gin Tonic. Unless, of course, this is part of the service or product you're selling.

Once you’re done you click save.

Every time you want to write a new blog post you duplicate this template and start building the post. This way you don't forget anything.

So to conclude:

  • Image block
  • Text block
  • Image Block
  • Call to Action
  • Email Subscriber Box (optional)
  • Summary Block
  • Bio
  • 30 April, 2021

Marit Verlaat

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