Create a blog template in Squarespace: make your life easy

How to create a blog template

How to create a blog template in Squarespace

When you write a blog every week, two weeks, or month it’s super helpful to use a template so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. In this blog I tell you how to create a blog template in Squarespace.

Go to your blog page and click +. A new blogpost opens in draft. Start adding blocks. Start with an image block. You can use the same image on your Pinterest page. 

After that start with the text. Add a text block and just type something so you know where you can start your text. Don't forget to add headers in your blog and write in paragraphs so your blog is readable. 

To make your blog template in Squarespace even better make sure there is a text block in it for your call to action. This can be to buy something from you or a question so people comment on your blog. 

At the end of your blog you’ll add an email subscriber box. You can also use this as your call to action, but be sure to mention it in the text you dedicated for your call to action.

Squarespace has also a great summary block. You can add blog posts you’ve already written and showcase them. This can be the posts you published in chronological order or from the same subject. You can specify this when you actually write your next post. End this all with a bio of yourself.

Once you’re done you click save. Every time you want to write a new blog you duplicate your template.

So to conclude:

  • Image block
  • Text block
  • Call to Action
  • Email Subscriber Box
  • Summary Block
  • Bio

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  • 22 July, 2019

Marit Verlaat

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