Create an amazing link page for your Instagram

It’s still not possible to put clickable links in your Instagram posts. So what to do to have people, preferably your ideal humans, go from a post to your website. To read that blog post you were talking about or to download that cheatsheet you created to make their life easier. 

You can make an account with Linktree and make a page with all your links there. But it would be so much better if you create a page that is already on your Squarespace website.

So how to do that?

Let me tell you how you can create and adjust this page to your liking and have your ideal clients get to know you and what you can offer them better.

With Squarespace, you can add a page in the Not Linked section with all your links. Just click on the + sign and add a Blank Page. 

Give it the name you want it to have and click on Edit.

Now you can add a section. I would also choose a blank section for this so you can really let your creativity run wild.

Add an image to the background. Use a text block and link the pages to the text you type. For me, that’s not creative enough so I’ll give you a couple more options.

Use buttons for each link. You can put the buttons below each other or next to each other. Create it just the way you want it.

In my course Wanderful Website I show you how you can create buttons with different colors or buttons that are the same size. 

Squarespace colorful buttons

You can also work with images. For each link, you have an image that people can click on. Or you can combine all three of them.

First text, then an image, and finish with a button. You can link all three items or just the image and the button.

What to put on your link page?

I would definitely have a link to your freebie on it. Also to your blog and/or podcast page. Maybe you can even put a link to a certain blog post or podcast that you want your ideal client to definitely read or listen to. You have to add a link to your salespage. Also a link to the different social media accounts you have is a good thing to put on this page. 

Bio Sites

Squarespace also has a feature to create this with, Bio Sites. It looks absolutely amazing. But it's a paid service. 
You can also recreate it with a normal page.

  • 19 March, 2021

Marit Verlaat

Empowering introverted female entrepreneurs to change the world by creating their own Squarespace website.