Celebrating the introvert in me!

Celebrating the introvert in me

One of my biggest strengths is that I’m an introvert. Especially now I have my own business. With this blog I am celebrating the introvert in me.

I have no problem working alone from home. I love it actually. Sometimes I get the question if I don’t miss people around me. And I can say definitely not. Most of the time I have contact with my clients via email and sometimes I have a Zoom or Skype meeting. I get all my energy from working alone and doing the things I love. I used to be so tired when I worked for a boss. All the energy got sucked out of me because I had to interact with people all day. It also helps that I almost only do things I love to do.


I used to have #awesomeintrovertsfriday on Facebook with all the awesome qualities an introvert has. So here a couple that I think are real pearls. 

Introverts are committed to their goals.

When I started my own business it was my goal to make it a success. No matter what, I was going to make it. I don’t want to go back to working for someone. I would be so unhappy when I’m forced to do that. So it’s a good thing I stick to the goals I’m setting.

Introverts are self-sufficient.

Yes, I can be alone for long periods of times without getting bored. I love days of watching tv-shows, reading books, and planning my new trip.

Introverts love meaningful conversations.

I always say that I don’t do small talk. I’m bad at it. I don’t see the point in talking about anything. I like meaningful conversations. Sure I like to know your favorite color or book, but I like it even more when you tell me why. I also love to listen instead of talk. When I’m in a group I’m mostly quiet and listening to the conversation around me.

Introverts are good at studying. 

If I look at myself then I definitely am good at that. If I have to learn new things I get things almost always on the first try. For some reason, it sticks. Especially when I think a subject is interesting. It also helps that I can concentrate on one thing without being distracted easily.

So it's pretty great to be an introvert and start your own business. You need a website and if you don't know why, read my post on that. The first step into creating a website is choosing the right website platform. Get my free e-book to know which one is right for you!

  • 2 January, 2021

Marit Verlaat

I'm an introverted online business owner with wanderlust. I believe that being an introvert is one of the best assets a business owner can have. Introverts are excellent at working alone. They can work towards a goal without getting distracted. Plus, introverts are amazing at learning new things. I'm here to empower you to make your own website as awesome as you are. From the comfort of your own home. In your own time. So you can live the life of your dreams.