Create your own custom blog page

In my blog last week I showed you how to begin with blogging on your Squarespace website. When you add your blog to your site you can choose how the page will look, but you can also create a complete custom blog page layout. Especially when you have a lot of posts this is a helpful trick. 

Add a blank page

To do that you have to add a blank page to your site. Give it the name of your blog page. When you’re working on it you can add this page to the Not Linked section of your website. When you’re finished you can drag this page to the Main Navigation and drag your current blog page to the Not Linked section. Or you can keep it in the Not Linked section and make a link in for example the footer of your Squarespace website.

Choose the layout you want

Then you have to choose how you want the page to look. Do you want people to choose the category they want to read more about? Or do you want to showcase your posts per month? Do you want to display your featured posts at the top of the page? All these things are possible.

How to

Once you chose the layout you want we can go to work. Add Summary blocks to your new page. You can add as many Summary blocks as you have categories or months.

The thing with choosing per month; you have to create a new Summary block at the beginning of the month and add the new month as a category or tag in the blog posts you write that month. 

To have a featured post Summary block at the top of the page you have to make sure you make the posts you want to display there are featured posts. You can do that in de blog post itself.

In the design tab of a Summary block, you can play with the layout. You can have a carousel or a grid. You can of course add your own headers and not use the one from the summary block. 

If one of your posts doesn’t show up in the Summary block you probably haven’t added a category in your post.

The custom blog page checklist

  • Add a blank page
  • Choose a layout you want
  • Add Summary blocks to create that layout
  • 28 May, 2021

Marit Verlaat

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