Do you want to become a virtual assistant?

Do you want to become a virtual assistant?

Maybe you’ve heard of the term Virtual Assistant before and you want to know how to become a Virtual Assistant. Maybe you want to know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) does. Well, then you are in the right place because I’m giving you the deeds here.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is someone who helps other business owners with their business. You’re not employed by the clients you work for because you’re self-employed. You have to find the clients you work for and you can work for as many clients as you want. You can work from wherever you want because you work online. You set your own time, you decide what ‘tasks’ you want to do, and you decide if you want to work with someone. Sounds great right? Because this means you can work from home and you can do the things you love to do! Of course, there are things you have to do that you maybe don’t want to because you are also a business owner. So you have to do things like marketing, sales, your finances, etc. 

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

The options are endless. A VA can help with pretty much anything. You can go the personal assistant route, you can be a technical VA like me, you can do administrative tasks, you can focus on social media, or you can do it all. Yes, there are Virtual Assistants who do everything for their clients. It just depends on what makes you tick. What gives you energy. 

I started out doing more administrative tasks but I soon found out I love the technical side of businesses. I’m more of a broad technical VA so I create websites or help my VA clients with their websites, I also set up email marketing systems, set up online courses, and make sure everything is connected.

But you can also focus on one aspect. For example, you can create and maintain Squarespace websites for your clients. I love the creativity that comes with creating a website! 

What do you need to become a Virtual Assistant?

It depends of course on what you are going to do. If you’re going to specialize in maybe finance, you have to have a degree. You can’t just start doing people’s taxes. But if you want to become a Virtual Assistant who creates Squarespace websites for your clients, you don’t need much.

You need a computer/laptop with WIFI so you can do your job. You need a space to work. I set up an office in my second bedroom but it can also be your kitchen table. Just make sure it’s a spot where you can work ergonomic. Because you’re going to sit a lot. So you better make sure you take care of yourself.

Plus you need a website. It’s so important to have a website for your business because it’s the best marketing tool you can have. You are 100% in control of what you put on your website. You own what you put on your website. That is not the case with social media.

Plus if you want to be a Virtual Assistant who creates websites for clients then you definitely need a website. 

I created an online course & community that teaches you how to build your own Squarespace website. When you complete this course you can not only build your own Squarespace website but also build websites for clients as a virtual assistant.

Click here when you want more information about this amazing program.

  • 25 April, 2022

Marit Verlaat

I'm an introverted online business owner with wanderlust. I believe that being an introvert is one of the best assets a business owner can have. Introverts are excellent at working alone. They can work towards a goal without getting distracted. Plus, introverts are amazing at learning new things. I'm here to empower you to make your own website as awesome as you are. From the comfort of your own home. In your own time. So you can live the life of your dreams.