Host an online course on Squarespace

One of the new features of Squarespace is its Member Area. Host an online course on Squarespace. It's a possibility now. How awesome is that? It wasn’t possible before. Yes, you could hide a page behind a password or you could get an account with, for example, Teachable or Thinkific. But with the booming interest in online courses and membership sites for pretty much anything you can think of, it’s absolutely amazing that Squarespace added this to their stable.

It is, just like Squarespace Email Campaigns, something you have to pay a fee for but let me tell you. That fee is a hell of a lot cheaper than Teachable or Thinkific. So host your online course on Squarespace.

How to create a course on Squarespace?

You can create a whole new website just for your membership or online course or you can add it to your existing Squarespace website.

In Settings, you find Member Areas. You can say that this is the Squarespace online course plugin. Click on it and toggle it. Voila, you can start to build it. You can build the whole membership area or online course without paying. When you want to launch you just click on Select Plan in Member Areas and off you go. 

That was the short version.

How to host an online course on Squarespace?

Now I’m going to go into it in a bit more detail.

Once you toggled on Member Area you see that another section opened in Pages. You create the area you want by giving it a name and setting a price. This can be a one-time payment, term payments, recurring payments, or a free course. So many possibilities to sell online courses on Squarespace. 

After that, you can create as many pages as you want. All these pages are protected by the area you just created. So your online course can contain as many lessons as you want.

A treat from me is that you only have to make one page with a template for your lesson and you duplicate that page over and over again. That way you only have to change the content and not drag and drop blocks to make all the lessons look the same.

It is also possible to create more than one area. You can actually create 10 areas if you want. So you can create multiple online courses or membership sites if you want. 

To get people to sign up you can add the Member Sign Up block to pages or blog posts.

So many possibilities opened with this Squarespace feature. Even if it’s not yet what you want to offer your clients, it’s a fantastic feature to keep in mind.  It is a great way to grow your business. 

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  • 23 April, 2021

Marit Verlaat

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