How to add a page in Squarespace: it's super easy

How to add a page in Squarespace

How to add a page in Squarespace

You just started your Squarespace free trial. By the way, I would start your free trial when you have the content of your site ready. My course helps you with that. The first modules are about starting with power and creating beautiful content before we dive into Squarespace. So you have registered for the free trial and you want to add your first page. In this blog, I’ll talk you through how to add a page in Squarespace.

Go to Pages and click on the + sign next to primary navigation. You can choose from all kinds of different pages. For this blog, we’re going to choose the blank page. Name your page. You can give a different page title and navigation title. The page title is shown in the browser tab and the navigation title is shown in your menu.

add a page in Squarespace


Standard the page opens with a text block on the page. Did I mention that Squarespace works with a fantastic builder? If you read any of my other blogs that rave about Squarespace you know this already. You add your text by pasting it in or you just type away. You can underline or make text bold, you can add links or center it. Just like you’re used with Word, Docs, or Pages. You can’t change the font though. You can do that in Design.

To add other blocks you can go to the + sign you see on the top right or you can click on the insert points you see on the left side of a block. So choose whatever you find easier to use. Click on the block you want and it appears under the last block you added. You can also grab it and drop it where you want it on the page. As you can see there are a lot of blocks you can choose from. There are even more when you scroll down.

Different Squarespace blocks

It’s always possible to rearrange the blocks. You can put them next to each other or you can grab a block and put it above another block. Just look for the thick black line and you see where the block you’re holding is going to be dropped once you let it go.

This blog taught you the basics on how to add a page in Squarespace because you can do so much more with pages and blocks. Do you want help creating the website of your dreams? Wanderful Website will show you how to add and edit different pages and gives all the tips and tricks to let your website stand out. Plus you get access to an online community to ask all your questions and get feedback on your website.

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  • 5 November, 2019

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