How to add a page in Squarespace

How to add a page to Squarespace

In this blog, I’ll talk you through how to add a page in Squarespace. When you go to Pages in the Squarespace menu you have to think about where you want this new page to end up on your Squarespace website. Do you want it in your main navigation, if you have a menu, or do you want it to be in the Not Linked section. Maybe you don't have a main navigation or you're going to create a 404 page or a page for your privacy policy.

Adding a page on your Squarespace site

Click on the +-sign next to the place where you want your page to end up. Just a side-note; when your website is already live and you want to add a new page to your main navigation create the page in the Not Linked section. Because when you add a page to the main navigation the page immediately shows up in your menu. Even though it's not finished yet. So make the page in the Not Linked section and when it's done you grab it and drag it to the Main Navigation.

You can choose from all kinds of different pages.

I almost always choose the blank page. Unless I want to add a blog page. So also for this blog, I'm going to add a blank page.

Don't forget to fill out the SEO for your new page.


Standard the page opens with a text block on the page. Did I mention that Squarespace works with a fantastic builder? If you read any of my other blog post that raves about Squarespace you know this already. You add your text by pasting it in or you just type away. You can underline or make text bold, you can add links or center it. Just like you’re used to with Word, Docs, or Pages. You can’t change the font though. You can do that by clicking the brush in the top right corner.

To add other blocks you go to the top or bottom of the block you're working on and click the plus sign. Click on the block you want and it appears above or under the last block you added. You can then grab it and drop it where you want it on the page. As you can see there are a lot of blocks you can choose from. There are even more when you scroll down.

It’s always possible to rearrange the blocks. You can put them next to each other or you can grab a block and put it above another block. Just look for the thick blue line and you see where the block you’re holding is going to be dropped once you let it go.

This blog post taught you the basics of how to add a page in Squarespace but you can do so much more with pages and blocks. My online course Wanderful Website will teach you all of this and much much more. I have a whole section about images and the different shapes you can create. And did you know that a 6-month mentorship is included in this course? Click the button to find out more!

  • 6 November, 2020

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