How to delete a Squarespace page

How to delete a Squarespace page

Maybe this is not the longest blog post I ever created but it can be an important post. Because how do you do it: how to delete a Squarespace page.

When you start building your Squarespace website you choose a Squarespace template. Don’t worry all the Squarespace templates are the same. Just choose the one you love. But every template starts with demo pages. Of course, you can edit those pages by changing the name and changing the content on those pages. But maybe you want to delete some of the pages.

How to delete a Squarespace page

Go to Pages
Hover over the page you want to delete.
On the left side of the name, a trashcan appears.
Click the trashcan.
A pop-up appears to warn you.
Click CONFIRM and the page is gone.

You can also hide a Squarespace page. There are two possibilities for that. 

The first one is to disable the page.

Go to Pages
Click on the wheel next to the name of the page.
Toggle Enable Page and the page is no longer visible for your visitors.

The second option is to move the page to the Not Linked section.

Go to Pages
Grab the page that’s now in the Main Navigation.
Drag it to the Not Linked section.

The page is hidden from the menu. It’s still accessible for visitors when they have the direct link.

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