How to do SEO in Squarespace: make your dream clients find your website

How to do SEO in Squarespace

How to do SEO in Squarespace

Everybody tells you that WordPress is the platform to use when you want great SEO. But that’s not true. Squarespace is just as good with SEO. Let me tell you how to do SEO in Squarespace.


First, you want to know what SEO is and that’s a very good question. When you’re just starting it’s overwhelming to read all these terms that are important. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So when you type something into Google or any search engine the websites that have great SEO will come up in the first few pages. 

SEO and Squarespace

SEO is a world on its own it sometimes seems. I’m not an expert in it but I can tell you how you implement it into your own Squarespace website.

First of all, you need a description of what you do to help people. This short description you’ll put in the Marketing section of your website. Make sure this is between 50 and 300 words and it’s filled with the keywords you want people to find you with. Don’t put only keywords in it. You want it to be a short story but with as many keywords as possible.

Secondly, you want to do the same for every page you make. Again a short story of about 300 words. I also recommend giving your pages an SEO title. It’s optional but you can also add keywords in the title of your pages. So, that’s a win.

You can add this by clicking on the wheel next to the page name in your navigation.


Make your images SEO proof

People tend to forget this part. Your images can also add to a great SEO. So before you upload an image to your Squarespace website give it a relevant name. Also, make sure that your images are not too big. This will slow your website down and Google will take that into account. Make your images a maximum of 1200 pixels.


A good way to get noticed is by blogging. You can write blogs around your keywords. You can add an SEO title and description to each blog you write.

All this will make your website easier to find for your dream clients. Do you want help with building the Squarespace website of your dreams? Check my online course, Wanderful Website, with easy step-by-step lessons.

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  • 18 November, 2019

Marit Verlaat

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