How to make an awesome video for your Squarespace website

How to make an awesome video for Squarespace

Video is the future, so they say. People watch more video on social media than they read text. You can have Facebook lives or add a video to your blog post, or video on your about page or sales page. The possibilities are endless. I also try to create more video’s although it still is, as an introvert, way out of my comfort zone. But the great thing about is that you can record it over and over again until you are happy with it. No it doesn't need to be perfect but you know that you want it to be almost perfect ;).

When I make a video I don’t use fancy equipment or anything. I bought a webcam and edit the video on my laptop. You can also use your mobile phone. Most phones have an excellent camera. But you can also buy a special vlogcamera. That will make it a little bit more expensive but when you're planning to make a lot of videos it is a good investment. 

A simple script

This is a simple script you can use for every video you make. I use it for every video I have made.

Introduce yourself and make a promise.

I’m … and I … (tell what you do and how you can help) for … (your target audience)

Why do you do what you do and tell what you want your target audience to know.

I make this video because ...

Call to action

Go to … and ...

Use a video platform

Once you made your video you can edit it and put on, for example, Vimeo or Youtube to use it on your website. Never upload a video to your website. With Squarespace it's not even possible but when you use for example WordPress you can upload it to your site. This will make your site slower.

Both on Youtube and Vimeo you can make the video private so not the whole world can see it. 

How do you add video on Squarespace?

You can add the video block on all your pages and in all your blog posts. As you can see below you can add the link to Vimeo or Youtube. You can add a custom thumbnail. I would recommend to upload a custom thumbnail on the platform (Vimeo or Youtube) and here on Squarespace. It definitely can be the same image.

Awesome video

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  • 12 February, 2021

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