How to start blogging on your Squarespace website

Writing blogs is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use as an introverted businesswoman. Squarespace blogging is super easy. Let me tell you how you can start your own blog on your Squarespace website.

Add a blog page

Go to pages and click the + sign. As you can see you can choose different types of pages but for your blog, we of course are going to use the blog page. You can name it whatever you want and, just like with the other pages you add to your website, you have to add SEO for your blog page, you can choose a different social image if you want, etc. Check my post about adding a page for an how-to. 

Then you choose how you want your blog page to look. Once you’ve done that there are 4 demo posts. I would just delete those and start from scratch. Click the + sign to add your own blog post. Read my post about creating a blog template to make it easy for yourself. 

You can choose to have your blog in your menu or add a summary block somewhere on your site that links with your blog.

5 tips to definitely add or do when you write a blog

  1. Add a thumbnail image. You’ll see this image on the blog page.
  2. Add categories. So you can organize your blog posts better. 
  3. Add an excerpt. This is the text people see when they get on your blog page or when you share the link on social media.
  4. Customize your blog post URL. The automatic ones Squarespace creates are just not great.
  5. Add a Summary Block to the end Of each blog post. So people can easily go to other posts you wrote.
  • 21 May, 2021

Marit Verlaat

Empowering introverted female entrepreneurs to change the world by creating their own Squarespace website.