Squarespace website security

Squarespace website security

Of course, you want your website to be safe for your visitors. Squarespace website security is top-notch. And even better, you don’t have to do anything about it. It’s included in your plan.

Once you connect your domain (in my case wanderfulacademy.com) Squarespace automatically secures your website with SSL. I’m not going into detail about SSL but it makes sure you see the padlock in the URL bar. Plus websites with SSL start with https://.

Where can you find Squarespace site security?

Go to Settings and click Advanced. There you see SSL Active. This means that SSL is enabled. To make it extra secure check if HSTS Secure is also enabled. If that’s not the case yet. Just click in front of it and click Save.

Why is Squarespace website security so important?

You make sure you and all your visitors can securely use everything on your Squarespace site. Also, for SEO purposes it’s very important to have SSL. Google punishes sites that are not safe. Those sites are pushed down in the SEO rankings. 

Website protection

 Another thing you can enable with Squarespace is website protection. When Squarespace clickjack protection is enabled it prevents malicious sites from embedding your content. Turning it off will allow other site owners to iframe your content into their pages.

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