Top 5 Squarespace hacks

Yes, you are building your own website. Woohoo! You can make a standard website very easily, but what makes your website stand out from all the other websites. The top 5 Squarespace hacks. For some of them, you need to know code, but you’ll get it from me.

1. a badass 404 page

You maybe have read my blog post about creating a page-not-found page and already know that you can create your own 404 page. There aren’t a lot of websites of business owners that think about this page. Squarespace had a standard one but it’s so not pretty. So that’s why it’s so great that you can create your own with Squarespace.

2. more than one blog page

Maybe you have blog posts, podcasts, and/or tutorial videos and you don’t want them all on one page. I have good news for you! With Squarespace, it’s really easy to create more than one blog page. Also when you want to start all over again with blogging this is super useful. You just drag your current blog page to the not linked section. So people don’t see your 404 page when they click the link of one of your old posts. They just see that post. Great, right!

3. a round cookie banner

On more and more websites you see cookie banners. They inform you that the website works with cookies. Every website needs cookies to work properly. Don’t worry you don’t have to install anything to make that happen.

Most of the time the banners are standard banners and plain. To stand out you can at least change the text of your banner, as you saw when you entered my site, or you can even change the shape. In my post Cookies, no not the chocolate chip kind you can copy the code and paste it in your Squarespace site. 

4. an announcement bar

Do you want to focus people on, for example, the great sale you have or the new service you launched? With Squarespace, it’s really easy to do. You can have an announcement bar on the top of your pages. You can tell whatever you want to tell and you can even incorporate a link in it so people can immediately go to where you want them to go.

5. a promotional pop-up

Have you ever seen the pop-up asking you to subscribe to a newsletter on a website? You can easily create this for your own Squarespace website. They have a feature that’s called a promotional pop-up that literally pops up where you want it to. You yourself can control where and when the pop-up appears.

These are my top 5 Squarespace hacks. Want to build your own Squarespace website and let it stand out?

  • 13 November, 2020

Marit Verlaat

Empowering introverted female entrepreneurs to change the world by creating their own Squarespace website.