Wanderful Intensive

Intensive Coaching
from a Squarespace Educator and Virtual Assistant

Hey gorgeous!

I'm here for you. Let's Meet together so you can take the next steps.
Being stuck, feeling frustrated, and giving up hope are not feelings I want you to have.
Working from home is on the horizon for you!

I have two types of coaching you can choose from.
I love to talk about both and help you to set the next steps towards an even more amazing life!


You already started building your own Squarespace website.

But you're stuck. You have a vision about how you want your website to look but for some reason, you can't figure out how to make it happen.

Let me help you.

Together we are going to tackle the problems you run into during our 2-hour coaching session. We are going to solve the issues in real-time. So you can launch your amazing Squarespace website and start living that dream life. 

2-hour Intensive Coaching


Becoming a VA

You want to start your own business.
 You've heard of the term Virtual Assistant and love the idea of working from home or wherever the WIFI is.
But you have no idea what a VA can do (let me tell you, there are so many possibilities), what you need to start a VA business, setting your price, or how you set up a process to work with clients.
Let me help you.
In 2017 I started my own VA business and I never looked back. I want to help you find out what kind of VA you want to be so you can start living that dream life.

2-hour Intensive Coaching


Introvert Dream Life


I'm a Squarespace Educator and Virtual Assistant.

I started my business in 2017 and it was the best decision I could have made. I love it!! Because I started my business I needed a website. I found Squarespace and I'm so glad I did. Now I build Squarespace websites for clients among other things. I started as a VA who mostly did administrative tasks but I soon changed to being a technical VA. Let's meet on Zoom so you can start your own business or side-hustle now.