Make Money Learning to
Build a Squarespace Website

Here are some options!

Work from home by starting your own business

You’re a woman ready to follow your dreams. You want to work from home, work on your own time, and help a lot of people. 

But how and what can you do? 

With a Squarespace website, you can do all this. And I promise you you’re gonna love building your website. You can even make creating Squarespace websites your business as a virtual assistant. 

This is one of the 10 ways you can make money with a Squarespace website I mention in this free guide I created.

A website is the best marketing tool
a business owner can have!

You have a busy, probably energy-draining job. You don't have time to spend months creating a website for your business. So how can you make this dream you have become a reality asap?

I'm here for you!

Introvert Dream Life
Hey gorgeous! I'm Marit!

I'm a Squarespace educator and Virtual Assistant.

Back in 2017, I needed a website because I started my Virtual Assistant business. I had no idea what I had to do. It was overwhelming and I definitely didn't think I was tech-savvy enough. My coach pointed me towards Squarespace and I'm still so glad she did. It took me 3 months to launch my website. A lot of scouring the internet, frustration, and yes even some sweat and tears. I stayed away from the blood though. Even to this day, I'm still tweaking my website. Everything I learned I put into my online course Wanderful Website so you don't have to spend months and months building your website. You can start your own business or side-hustle now.

Why do you need a website for your business?

With a website, you can work anytime, anywhere! Even from your couch.

Online presence 24/7, meaning you’ll have unlimited reach from all over the world! Customers are always able to find you! 

You’re the boss, which means you can put whatever you want on your website, and it’s 100% yours! 

Having a website looks professional and is the best marketing tool you can have! Especially for introverted businesswomen! 

Because your website can be found on Google, you will get free traffic! Yay! 

Have I convinced you yet?!

Wanderful Website: a step-by-step online course and community that helps you create an awesome, professional Squarespace website.

So you can start living your dream life.