Introvert Dream Life

Hey gorgeous!
I’m Marit

My mission is to empower introverted female entrepreneurs to change the world. 

With a website as a tool, we can serve more people with our amazing products. Show our awesomeness and change other people’s lives.

In 2017 I build my first website. I had no idea how. I thought I was not tech-savvy enough. But I also knew having a website could make an impact. I could reach more people with a website. 

I love to learn new things so I started scouring the internet to teach myself and I created my own website. It took me about 3 months of sweat and sometimes tears but I did it!

I don’t want you to spend the next 3 months scouring the internet. Wasting precious time and money. That’s why I created my program Wanderful Website.

You are here to change the world and together, we do that.

Wolfpack by Abby Wambach
"How to come together, 

unleash our power, and change the game"

A little bit more about me...

I'm a huge fan of the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my ultimate favorite show and I try to watch it every other year or so.

I love hanging in my hammock on my porch, enjoying the evening sun.

My home is my happy place. As an introvert, I knew I needed a place where I could be me. So when I bought my house I did everything to make it my home. Yes, my home has an office so I can close the door when my workday is over. I made a rule with myself that I don't work in the evening and not on the weekends. It's a good rule to have!

I love traveling to the US. I have worked for a travel agency and I was fortunate enough to make trips to the US for work. Driving an RV through Arizona was one of those trips. But most trips I took were for fun. Camping in National Parcs, road-tripping through Texas with my cousin, and road-tripping through the South with my brother. And I plan to go many more times.

I love stargazing.

I love to dance in my living room. When I hear a song on the radio and just can't stop moving or sometimes I really dress up and make it a party in my living room.

I love the book Wolfpack by Abby Wambach. That is what I want to create for everybody who buys Wanderful Website & the Wolfpack Community. A way to come together, unleash our power, and change the game.

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Have a wanderful day♡